02 February, 2014

Android Marshal Tools App

Update 6th February 2014...

The tool has now progressed to the release version with will be tested this weekend. If it looks good, I will release it to the community, shortly afterwards. Since I posted this blog entry, my blog has been red hot, which I guess means that you lot are very interested. :)

Since my last video there have been a number of new features including:

  • Audio alerts for the timer and counter tools.
  • A browsable games database.
  • The ability to share games with other android devices that have the software.

To name a few!

In the meantime here is a screenshot of the release version...
The Yellow text is readable in the actual app!
This screenshot was taken with the Android emulator.
And a feature tour video for your enjoyment which is best watched on YouTube at HD resolution with the volume set high....

Intended use

I imagine that airsoft marshals might design a game on this app, maybe even the night before gameday or during a pre-game marshal huddle with the lead marshal designing the game and the others copying the data. The the marshal(s) would have one or more ready to roll game(s) in their pocket. The structure of the mission designer encourages a marshal to address all the essential elements of a game at design time.

We have all been to a game briefing where all the essential elements have not been addressed before the briefing. (I have even delivered a few of these briefings. :P) It looks unprofessional and adds stress to the already stressful job of being a marshal. Having a scripted briefing on your phone means that you simply have to read the script.

The next problem this tool addresses, is a situation I see every game both from players and marshals. They turn to their neighbour and ask "Where do we respawn?", or "What are the life rules?" or "Where is our start point?". Now any player or marshal with this tool (who has recorded the game) has access to that information in their pocket.

Tell me more

If you are at all interested in using the app, please register your interest by clicking this link. In the comments field, first of all let me know what you are interested in as I use this link for comments on all my blog posts. Then, let me know where in the world your airsoft field/site is (where you would like to use the app). Then, let me know your role at the site, i.e. Owner, Marshal, Player, etc,. Finally your website URL.

Here is an example of a correctly filled in comments:

I would like to know more about your Android App:
My site is BadAss Airsoft, Porkbend, Utah, USA.
I am the site owner
The site website is www.badassairsoft.com

Feel free to add any other useful comments about how it could be improved.

Any spam or incorrectly filled fields (including name and email) will be deleted.

F.A.Q (Subject to change)

Q. How much will this cost?

A. I Intend to make the app downloadable for FREE, either from this website or the Play Store.

Q. Can you customise it for my Airsoft site?

A. Yes, but I will probably ask for a very small charge, or for you to make a small donation to my running costs. It costs me money to produce this software and to make this available for download. I am not trying to make any money, just cover my costs.

Q. Is this software included in your Creative Commons License?

A. No, I am retaining all rights to this software.

Q. Is this software perfect in every way?

A. Sadly no dear innocent child, its an experimental prototype that may not work like you expect, and its use will be entirely at your own risk.

Q. I recognise those great in app icons, where have I seen them before?

A. Good spot! I use "Icons by Glyphish", under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License, under which Joseph Wain has generously made them available.