17 January, 2016

Casualty Simulator Android App

A friend was discussing with me various prop idea which we could make with Arduino in particular, but there are "virtual props" that you can build in software. Virtual props are particularly well suited to logic driven props which are hard to build in the physical world.

As an example I built this Casualty Simulator for Android DEMO. This is a demo intended only as a proof of concept. It is not intended for use as is, although it should be usable with limitations.

It should run on fairly old Android devices, but may struggle if they are really underpowered.

Basically it is an Android app which is designed to be running on an Android device placed on a casualty which will be carried on a stretcher. The app detects if the casualty is pitched about dangerously and every time that happens, the app cries out in pain and the casualty loses health.

When the casualties health reaches zero the casualty is dead. The players can "Give Treatment" to the casualty a maximum of three times, which will add 20 health points back. This is to simulate bandaging, transfusion or adrenaline treatments.

Note that the players cannot give treatment to a dead casualty, nor can they heal a healthy casualty above 100 health.

There is an audio heartbeat monitor which slows down as the casualty gets closer to death. This gives the players some approximate feedback on the casualties status. To get an accurate status the players can click the "Check Health" button as often as they like.

If the casualty dies there is an audio feedback of a heartbeat monitor flat-lining, and on screen text to alert the players.

To prevent cheating the app displays a simple log of the starting and stopping of the app along with some other useful info.

To reuse again, simply quit and restart the app. Start/Stop acts like a play and pause function, not a restart.

Please note you need to long press the Start/Stop button to minimise accidental Start Stops.

Finally, this is a concept demo, if anybody wants me to develop it further, please contact me through the contact page. I guess if anybody wants to use it, they will want to be able to edit all the parameters, such as health, sensitivity, treatments.

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