20 November, 2011

Home made Santas

It's almost Christmas, so how about some home made Santa ornaments?

Painted and finished

Cut on my CNC router of course!

Hot off the router
My missus did the design work in Photoshop and I vectorised the images in CorelDraw, before importing them into CamBam to generate the toolpaths. Finally the exported toolpaths were imported into EMC2 for cutting.

If you would like to cut your own Santas, then visit my downloads page for the DXF.

Merry Christmas!

A note on cutting MDF.

I've been cutting MDF parts here and there for years. Since I'm not doing this commercially, I haven't really considered just how nasty the dust that comes off this stuff is. It's REALLY bad for you. So I need to get some air filtration organised. Until then I'm wearing my respirator and goggles while cutting this.