04 March, 2014

Riot Shield Prop

Recently I had to make a riot shield for a MilSim event based in an Eastern Country. It's a fairly simple project so I won't go into it blow by blow, but it's basically a sheet of polycarbonate, a block of painted MDF and some arm braces made from 3mm thick sheet rubber, bolted and screwed together.

The white vinyl lettering had to be Cyrillic to fit with the Eastern Europe theme. Ten bonus points to you if you know what it says!
(scroll to the bottom of this page for the answer)

Hopefully the rubber braces will stretch to accommodate all the people who will use the prop.

It fits me fine, although I don't have weightlifter type forearms.

The Cyrillic letters say "Pu$$y Riot". This is not a political statement and I'm not trying to offend anybody, it's just the first search result I got from Google when searching for Cyrillic "Riot" text, and I thought it would be a bit of fun to have a Pu$$y Riot Shield. :)

Sometimes, I feel people take airsoft way too seriously!