16 April, 2012

Fabricating a reproduction Sten loop stock (part one)

You will probably be familiar with the ubiquitous British WW2 sub-machine gun, the Sten.

Source: Wikipedia

It was mass produced in significant quantities throughout the war and you have probably seen it with the "T-Stock" in it's MkII configuration (as shown above).

However, I going to to have a go at fabricating a "Loop stock" (as shown below) for an existing reproduction Sten.

Source: gunpics.net

The plan is to make a 'stand off 1:1 scale' version. By that I mean it will not be an exact replica, but it should generally look like the real thing from a few feet away. This is consistent with the rest of the reproduction Sten which is also not an exact replica.

The main differences are that I will fabricate it from Aluminium rod and not mild steel 'U-section'. I will  braze the joints and support with 3mm threaded rod where I can and not weld them like the original.

I'm using some 10mm anodised aluminium rod I have rattling around my workshop. I started by using the T stock that I have to give me the general sizes and set about eye-balling the bending points.

Here is my result after the first bends

When I rough cut the prototype stock from the rest of the bar and put it next to the rest of the reproduction Sten you can see I have a few adjustments to make.

Nothing to difficult to get those bends right, just a bit more heat and a bit more bending. I'm afraid I ran out of gas for my torch so I will continue this post when I resupply.


I now have more gas, read part two here.

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