08 November, 2011

12 x 8 Workshop Project

You can imagine with all my bodging that I needed somewhere to make a mess without putting others in danger. So I build this 12 x 8 workshop to my own design as a house for my growing crap collection.

Here is a build photo from a third of the way through that shows the construction.

I decided upon 12 x8 feet simply because its a multiple of a standard 8 x 4 (full) sheet of plywood. The floor and roof are 12mm WBP ply. All framing is 2 x 4 inch spruce. The cladding is 12mm weatherboard cladding. Going with thinner weatherboard cladding may have led to warping and splitting

I've created a great little space to work in and I'm really happy when I'm tinkering in here.